About Digital International Media Literacy Education (DIMLE)

Digital International Media Literacy Education (DIMLE) is an interactive program that empowers individuals to develop a greater independence from the information conveyed through the channels of mass media. DIMLE offers a teaching model and instructional support to furnish a wide range of educators and students (e.g. schools, community organizations, and parents) with the tools to evaluate and analyze media messages.


For this purpose, DIMLE has developed an online, interactive instructional design to promote universal media literacy education.


The mission of DIMLE is make this 21st century survival skill available to the widest possible audience.



Stefan Denson

President / CEO
Stefan is an experienced independent contractor in the field of civil rights. He is retired from public service. He has served on the board of various nonprofit organizations which have focused in the areas of higher education, civil rights, and community service. Working as a facilitator and trouble shooter between a university computer team and a federal civil rights enforcement agency, Stefan helped the parties develop a computer program using elements of artificial intelligence. Stefan’s professional pursuits are guided by his personal interests. This includes a strong interest in the field of media literacy where Stefan has assisted in co-authoring a revision of the textbook on Media Literacy (Approach to Media Literacy, 3rd Edition, M.L. Sharpe). Stefan is a graduate of Washington University – St. Louis with a Master’s degree in Legal Studies.

Dr. Diana Bank Weinberg

Board of Directors
Dr. Diana Bank Weinberg has over 20 years in management and teaching positions in academia with additional experience in marketing communications, PR and lobbying in the private and public sectors. Her core experience is in intercultural communication (including media literacy), international business and marketing. Diana draws on her worldwide experience from her longer stays in different countries and from speaking foreign languages to teach from a holistic perspective. She has two MAs in international affairs, an MBA and a PhD in international business and marketing.

Mark Sableman

Board of Directors
My law practice focuses on solving clients' communications issues and problems. Much of my work deals with intellectual property and information technology, particularly involving the Internet. I taught for 18 years at Washington University School of Law, variously teaching Internet Law, and Censorship and Free Expression. I am also author of Internet Law Twists & Turns, a blog that examines legal issues related to the creation, publication and dissemination of information via the Internet. It's business law basics with an Internet law twist. www.internetlawtwists.com Specialties: Internet, media, copyright, trademark and advertising law, including both counseling and litigation.

Edie Barnard

Board of Directors
Edie Barnard is the Director of Development and Communications for the Missouri Charter Public School Association. In this role, Edie works to secure funding supporting the organization's mission to improve student outcomes by increasing access to high-quality charter schools. Edie also oversees communications and outreach efforts aimed at Missouri's charter public school sector and the general public. Edie spent much of her career teaching media studies as an Associate Professor at Lindenwood University and Adjunct Professor at Webster University. A passion for Media Literacy Education led Edie to leave full-time academia to found the Midwest Center for Media Literacy. This nonprofit worked to provide educational programming empowering teens to critically think about the media and its impact on social justice. Edie has produced dozens of videos for nonprofit and government clients, including documentaries on social issues for St. Louis University, the St. Louis Juvenile Courts, and the local PBS affiliate.

Dr. Art Silverblatt

Board of Directors, Founder DIMLE
Dr. Silverblatt is Professor Emeritus of Media Communications at Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri. He is the author of Media Literacy: Keys to Interpreting Media Messages, Dictionary of Media Literacy, Approaches to Media Literacy, International Communications, Approaches to Genre Study, and Handbook of Media Literacy, as well as numerous articles focusing on the topic of Media Literacy. He is a Founding Member of DIMLE.

Jessica Z. Brown-Billhymer

Board of Directors
A seasoned, life-long communications practitioner and devoted professional community connector and volunteer, Jessica Z. Brown-Billhymer has been advocating for citizens to be mindful media consumers and creators, for more than 25 years. She is founder and president of Gateway Media Literacy Partners Inc. (GMLP), a regional nonprofit focused on helping community make sense of media in the digital age, and originator of the first annual Media Literacy Week in the nation. Brown-Billhymer and partners devote time and expertise to community media literacy education, and to uniting a variety of institutions in efforts to promote the virtues of sustained media literacy education. Brown-Billhymer and fellow media literacy champions have always contended, media literacy can lead to greater agency and a more educated, critical-thinking and empowered citizenry.

Dr. Yupa Saisanan

Board of Directors
Yupa Saisanan Na Ayudhya is a media educator and researcher with a special focus on a qualitative approach to the critical analysis of messages contained in media communications. Dr. Saisanan has taught both undergraduate and graduate classes in the fields of media literacy, media education, international communications, and international studies.
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